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You come first

During the first meeting together we like to assess your needs, what is in your best interest and we will discuss what Conseon can do for you.

Our broad experience enables a quick familiarization with your problem and thus leads to a reduced time to resolve the issue.


Consider the overall system

A correct problem definition is essential for effectively finding the optimum solution in any engineering assignment. The usual process is simplified and depicted in the light blue coloured boxes of the diagram at the left side.

Our experience shows there is often a "problem behind the problem", and a good insight in that part mostly leads to the best possible end-result for the customer.

For this reason Conseon always makes an additional step and -together with the customer- we will look at the overall system. This often leads to a system cost reduction.


Further approach

With Conseon you can rely on:

• clear communication and thorough piece of work

• excellent know-how in engineering issues

• creative -but whenever possible- simple solutions

• optimal use of broad experience in a wide variety of applications

• multi-disciplinary and integral approach

• properly substantiated and easily readable reports (also in other languages)

• protection of your unique know-how


Workload sharing

In order to reach an optimal result by a limited effort, and in order to benefit from know-how transfer, a well-balanced co-operation between the customer's engineers and Conseon is important. In this respect we have a large flexibility and the workload sharing can vary from case to case.



Our main goal is: an excellent solution and a profitable end-result for the customer.


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