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Realizing new products and systems or improving existing solutions requires innovative thinking. Contacting Conseon is then a good idea, in view of the experience with developing new concepts.



Personal inventiveness has contributed to some 14 patent applications in various industrial branches.

Next selection gives an impression of this:

• bucketwheel dredger for manganese nodules on ocean bottom

• hydraulic drill-string drive-unit suspension for mobile soil drilling equipment

• special crane boom configuration for horizontal control of load motion

• tracked vehicle drive train using CVT

• mechanical-hydraulic wheel drive transmission

• hydro-pneumatic launch equipment for roller coasters

• motion compensated lift system for integral removal of oil platforms at sea


Publications and presentations

Over the past decennia I wrote a number of publications, also international, and made different presentations in the Netherlands and abroad.

Various topics were covered, amongst others:

• Vademecum Hydrauliek (Hydraulic Handbook)

• Failure analysis of the hydraulic system in a storm surge barrier

• Active and passive Heave Compensation Systems

• Energiespeicherung im Hydrauliksystem einer dynamischen Prüfanlage (Energy storage in the hydraulic system of a dynamic test installation)

• Electric or hydraulic drive?

• A new type of jig drive mechanism

• Acceleration and deceleration times ; analytical-graphical calculation method


Our creativity and experience can also boost your innovation process!


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